Learn more about Nadya's unique course in Hatha yoga

Learn more about Nadya's unique course in Hatha yoga

Some live motivating videos

It's time to share my experience with you!

💎 Some magic moments

🌴 A very basic pre surf stretch #downwardfacingdog #adhomukhasvanasana

💪 Several years ago I couldn't imagine that I will be able to balance in #salambasirsasana. It's easy to give up and say it's just impossible which is not true. Remember, everything is possible in our lives.

🌱 Working with balance. Building up a foundation. Strengthening legs, back, core. Opening hips, chest, shoulders. Release the tension in spine.

🌄 Fundamental asanas #utthitatrikonasana #trianglepose and #parivritatriconasana #revolvedtriangle

🐶 Coming back to basic... Downward Facing Dog ~ Warrior 1 ~ Warrior 2 ~ Extended Wide Angle Pose & the sound of ocean

👍 Having fun with arm balances #astavakrasana

🌀 Performing #hanumanasana with the blocks. I pay lots of attention to a healthy alignments in practice cos I truly believe yoga can heal the body

Looking forward to seeing you in my classes!

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